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Strathmore Premium Wove

Strathmore Premium Wove is a premium sheet manufactured in New York by Mohawk with FSC certified pulp and is produced with 100% wind generated electricity. Strathmore Premium Wove has a natural vellum surface which has a soft, cotton-like texture that adds an image of luxury to all print. The ideal paper for luxurious menus, invitations and presentation material.

Available in sheet sizes A5, A4, A3, SRA4, SRA3

Product Specs
GSMColourSheet Size
104Desert Haze148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
104Glacier Mist148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
104Sea Spray148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
104Sandstone148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
104Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
118Soft White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
118Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
148Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Desert Haze148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Glacier Mist148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Mahogany148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Sea Spray148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Sandstone148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
216Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
270Soft White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
270Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
352Mahogany148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
352Soft White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450
352Ultimate White148x210,  210x297,  297x420,  225x320,  320x450

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